Keeps an eye' on your Automation Network.

Today modern automation solutions depend, more than ever, on reliable communication networks.
Often, if just one part of the network infrastructure fails the whole automation solution will be in jeopardy and cause costly production downtimes!

Use your existing HMI/SCADA System!

With the SNMP-OPC Server your existing HMI/SCADA System will keep an eye on the underlying network of your automation solution!

The SNMP-OPC Server enables your HMI/SCADA system to monitor any IP field device of your automation solution network.
Use the rich and comprehensive diagnostic information delivered by SNMP to get status and diagnostic information about each field device and the complete network.
Proactively detect bottlenecks in the network to secure the communication in your automation solution.


Secure SNMP Communication

The SNMP-OPC Server supports all SNMP communication versions, including the secure SNMPv3 variant. This enables communication to virtually all SNMP enabled field devices in your automation solution.

OPC Interfaces

The major OPC communication interfaces are supported by the SNMP-OPC Server to ensure that all HMI/SCADA Systems can connect.

  • OPC Data Access Interface
  • OPC Alarm & Events Interface
  • New OPC UA is in preparation

Monitor Field Devices Effectively

The SNMP-OPC Server can monitor large number of various field devices very effectively.
Changing data points will be detected in seconds.
It can also monitor field devices that don't support SNMP to virtually monitor all field devices of your automation solution.

Easy Configuration

The SNMP-OPC Server can be configured with a few clicks:
The Network Wizard automatically searches the connected Automation Network for field devices and creates a well defined set of OPC tags based on the included Device Catalog.
The Device Catalog can be extended or modified to support virtually any type of Field or Network Device.


  • All SNMP versions

    The SNMP-OPC Server supports all SNMP versions including secure SNMPv3.

  • Simple Commissioning

    The Network Wizard analyzes your automation solution and creates all OPC tags automatically.

  • Integrated MIB Browser

    Include new types of field devices or customize the Device Catalog with the integrated MIB Browser

  • Fast and Efficient

    The SNMP-OPC Server can efficiently monitor large IP networks.

  • Rich OPC Support

    All major OPC Interfaces are supported so virtually any HMI/SCADA System can connect

Management Console

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